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Our Story

Thanks for stopping Twin Cities Tequila. Located in Minneapolis Minnesota, we meet a few times a year to taste, discuss, and educate people about tequila, mezcal, sotól, raicilla and bacanora.

I started this group back in 2013 to bring people together around my favorite spirit.

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Upcoming Events

Don Fulano Tequila Tasting
September 16, 2017 - 12pm

Twin Cities Tequila and Mercado by Earl Giles Presents a tequila tasting event featuring Don Fulano.

Join us for a welcome cocktail featuring Don Fulano Blanco plus a flight featuring Don Fulano Blanco, Reposado and Añejo. A presentation by the brand ambassador will be included.

Food will be available for order from the Mercado kitchen so plan a lunch date with us.

Limited tickets available

Past Events

Built On Blanco

May 2nd 2013, Twin Cities Tequila had its first tasting. All tequilas start out as blanco so this was a good starting off point for our tequila adventure. This tasting featured Siete Leguas, Tequila Ocho (El Puertecito), Casa Noble, 1800 Select, Espolon and Don Pilar. Siete Leguas was the consensus winner. Tequila Ocho and Don Pilar both were given good marks.

Reposado Tasting

On August 8, 2013, we got together to taste reposados from both the highlands and the valley. We featured six brands; Cabrito, Fortaleza, Casa Noble, Tapatio, Arte NOM1414 and Clase Azul. Thanks to Kevin, The Tequila Tourist, for coming and being generous enough to bring some reposados for the tasting. Calle23, Muchote, El Tequileño and Fina Estampa were part of his offerings.

Añejo Tasting

November 7, 2013 showcased añejo tequila for our tasting group. Añejo was the style of tequila that started my love affair with tequila. With a profile similar to whiskey, it was an easy transition. I found much more depth in the aroma and taste profiles within añejos and I was hooked. This añejo tasting featured a nice mix of large and small distilleries capped off with some hard to find brands brought in by Kevin from The Tequila Tourist Blog. Brands Included: Herradura - Suerte - Alquimia - Crotalo - Ambhar - El Tesoro - Corrido - Luna Nueva - T1 - Alma

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