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Uptown Brewing Companies

The Herkimer Pub and Brewing
moto-i ramen and sake
Minneapolis MN


We partnered back in 2010 to build a POS integrated loyalty program. Our goal was to create a system where the POS qualified items for real time discounts for our loyalty guests without the server having to be a middle man. 

To do this we first started by cleaning up the POS database so we could map items specific to each loyalty program level. Once mapped correctly the POS and loyalty programs can work in the background allowing our servers to focus on the guest experience.

Once in place this program began collecting data about our guest that we use to improve our marketing, products and guest services.

Third party applications such as Hot Schedules, Bevchek, CTUIT, Pulse and Fishbowl have become a part of daily operating procedures at both restaurants. I work directly with the C-Suite to connect and automate these systems into our project management platform, Podio. We use Podio as our project management and communications platform. Similar to a database, this platform can get bloated if not maintained and trained.  I oversee these for the restaurants to build dashboards and reports.


Loyalty is over 20% of our annual business
Podio's project management has created a transparent archive of data and communication helping our managers to grow the business.